Empire EMI Mission Statement


Who We Are – Empire EMR is made up of Physicians, IT Experts, Medical Practice Management Experts and Medical Billing Specialists dedicated to analyzing your medical practice needs and recommending the best Electronic Medical Management system for you. We are independent from hardware or software producers and sales people,  so our recommendations are based solely on the analysis of your doctor’s work habits and your practices work flow. Empire EMR has trained many doctors and medical staff members on the ins and outs of a variety of electronic medical management systems and electronic medical records systems.



Why We Do What We Do – The staff at Empire EMR are all long-term medical personnel including, Doctors, Nurses, Administrative/Staff Managers and Medical Billers. We have struggled through the process of transitioning from paper based medical offices to electronic systems. Through our combined experiences we have tested different types of electronic medical record and management systems and we know the positive and negative aspects of different system configurations. We know what works together and what does not and we are happy to share this knowledge with you. This can spare you the headache and expense of buying systems and doing training for systems that ultimately will not meet your needs.

There are currently thousands of EMR systems on the market. Before you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a system which may… or may not … suite the needs of your office, contact Empire EMR. Our experienced staff can analyze your workflow, patient volume, patient registration procedures, medical charting and documentation practices and billing processes. With an in-depth examination of your practices and procedures Empire EMR can recommend the best software and hardware available for you. Empire EMR provides you with an honest analysis of what products and systems will best meet your needs, and will work together in the ways you desire.


Join the next wave of medical practice management and health care with the confidence that you are making informed decisions tailored to your needs.