The cost of implementing an electronic medical records system is very high with a great portion devoted to hardware and support.  We will work with you to determine your needs and present you with options to implement a cost effective solution.  We can assist you in purchasing hardware to host your software environment or you can host your environment in our secure data center. 


Hosted Environment


A hosted environment consists of both servers and hosts.  Organizations with dedicated IT personnel are required to maintain this environment.  You may have to upgrade your desktop computers to meet the specifications of the EMR. 


Software as a Service (SAAS)


Your EMR implementation can be hosted with us in our data center.  There are distinct benefits to the arrangement. 


·         More cost effective


·         Dedicated support staff


·         Lower hardware costs


·         Shorter implementation time


We can offer a tailor made solution for your organization that meets your needs and has a robust disaster recovery component.