Empire EMI understands the anxiety and trepidation that practices have when converting to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System.  We are boutique firm that can offer highly customized solutions for a wide range of options and scenarios to meet your needs. 


An EMR System must be integrated into you workflow that allows you to have the speed and reliability that you need to provide the care that your patients deserve.  We understand the HIPAA and HITECH acts and how they relate with your implementation of an EMR.  We, at Empire EMI, are exactly the team of Physicians, IT Architects, Administrators, and Billing Specialist that you need.


Our Healthcare IT Team can you:


·         Improve the security of your records

·         Streamline workflows and make your practice more efficient

·         Decrease labor costs

·         Decrease print related costs

·         Create a near paperless Green office

·         Maintain Hipaa and HITECH compliance


We can help you achieve a near seamless implementation of a new EMR.  Your practice will access to top notch IT and Medical talent to customize your implementation.